Round Jute Rug: Popular In Oriental Cultures

Sep 21st

Who said the rugs were for the feet? Just a round jute rug under the furniture that we want to highlight so that it becomes the center of attention and focus of the room. Do you want to draw attention to a coat rack? Put a round carpet under it. Do you expect your guests to sit at the tea table as soon as they enter? Put a carpet under the legs and you will see how they tend to gather around them.

The round jute rug shapes have a certain magnetism that attracts us to them. That is why they are so popular in oriental cultures that they relate round shapes with energy capture. Although if you are looking for something between a children’s play center and a decorated home , the design that includes pyramids and curved lines gives a lot of play .

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A huge advantage of round shaped carpets is that they fill space, but they also delimit it. A carpet under a table marks the outline and the limits to which it reaches. As if it were a small landing platform, placing a round jute rug at the foot of the bed will make us start the day with strength.

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