Look Fashionable Round Blue Rug

Sep 21st

Maybe you have not noticed, but the light is scattered in a circular pattern . Well, it’s actually spherical, but on the floor it looks like a circle. More lit in the center and, little by little, darkening as we move away from it. A round blue rug fits perfectly in that pattern, so it comes as a ring when we consider what to put in the middle of the room. Do you have a lamp and no object under it? Well then you have it, you need a carpet.

Because, who does not feel comfortable when, on waking, he puts his feet on the cloth instead of the cold floor? And yes, it is worth half of the round blue rug is hidden under the bed, as if they were the ears of a giant face. A balcony from which to lean when we say goodbye at night and jump every morning with energy.

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In light tones, it looks like a carpet of light in the middle of the night. Marking a great contrast with the rest of the stay. The round carpets are coming back. And, whatever your motive, round blue rug give a lot of decoration . They illuminate, fill the room, serve as a reference point of originality and even a lifeboat in an ocean of lava (although the latter only works if you are a child ).

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