How to Color 8 Ft Round Rug

Aug 20th

8 Ft Round Rug are hand-knotted woolen mats that can be expensive. So before staining your carpet, which can destroy it, make sure you have tried all the cleaning methods first. However, if the car only needs staining, or if you want to change its color completely without buying a new carpet, you can color it. When choosing your color, make sure to find dye designed to put in wool. Keep in mind that not all dyes are the same. Always be careful when working with dye as it may cause unwanted stains on surrounding areas.


Steam clean the 8 Ft Round Rug first. You want to dye clean fibers, not dirty. Spread out plastic or tarpaulin. Put this on. The plastic is to protect the floor below the dye. If possible, take the carpet outside. You may still want the blanket to protect the concrete from staining. Solve the color in warm water, according to your dye’s instructions. Make sure you have a dye that works on wool. Start with a bucket of warm dye.

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Gloves, wipe the cloth rags in the paint. Just the dye’s rags on 8 Ft Round Rug. Be sure to apply pressure to get the color all the way through the fibers to the base of the carpet. Work over the carpet; soak it as evenly as possible. If not, you can end a spotty color job. Set the steam-heated carpet with steam cleaner. Wait for the carpet to dry.

Tips and warnings

If possible, try coloring a small piece of rug in an area that is not otherwise seen. If you have matte clips, try coloring one of them.

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