Choosing Modern Oriental Rugs

Sep 23rd

Modern Oriental Rugs – The rich colors, intricate patterns and structures of oriental rugs put them in a category all their own. Quality Oriental rugs are an investment, so it’s important to know what to look for before making your final purchase.

Oriental and Persian carpets

The term “Oriental” comes from “Orient”, a term used for the region which includes nations China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Iran. These nations are the most famous for producing Modern Oriental Rugs, where the art of carpet making has been inhabited for thousands of years. A Persian carpet is an oriental carpet weaved in Iran (formerly Persia). They are considered among the finest oriental carpets for their design and color quality.

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Size, color and design

Imagine the room where your Modern Oriental Rugs will be placed and it’s interior. The colors in your carpet will improve your interior, do not contradict it. Write down the mat in the room where the carpet will be, so you will look at the correct sizes. Take some paint chips or a piece of curtain or upholstery from the room. Keep these items close to the carpets as you look through them. In addition to being the right color for your interior design, the designs and colors of the carpet should be appealing to you. The carpet should convey a sense of depth, and there should be balance in the overall color scheme.

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