Area Rugs Modern Ideas

Sep 20th

Area Rugs Modern is a wonderful accessory to enhance the beauty of each room. They add warmth, color and style to complement furniture. Instead of buying expensive rugs, it’s cheaper and more efficient to make your own special rug with the simple braid technique.



Begin cutting fabrics diagonally to achieve long strips of fabric around 3 inches wide. You need three long strips for braiding, so go with the ends of leftovers together into three long chains. The Area Rugs Modern pattern depends on how you go with the strips together, if you want a multicolored mat, go randomly colored paper patches. But if you want an alternative patterned mat, sew the same colored fabric on each of the three chains (for example, start with white then go with purple, red, brown and then black).

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Making a 2-of-3-foot round or Area Rugs Modern will require a foot of center braid, as well as a 3 to 5-foot mat will require 2m braid. Then measure your braid as you go, put clips and pieces as needed. Sew the top of the three textile chains together, and then start braiding them with the help of simple braid technique until you reach the end of the paper patches. You can also choose to make different colored braids first, go with the next color at the same time. Tie the braid together to keep it from being repelled. Make sure to braid hard, otherwise the fabric ends begin to fight and it can loosen when washed.

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